Bioinformatics and bio-statistical expertise is a basic necessity for any organisation seeking to make an impact in a burgeoning bioscience and health sector. The ‘data explosion’ currently occurring in the medical and health sciences demands bioinformatics experts who not only understand the biological questions but can provide the appropriate solutions for big data analysis.

The depth of our knowledge in both informatics and biology is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. At LifeBytes, we invest continuously in developing the tools and workflows that enable us to interpret Omic datasets, and we do it well. Our unparalleled ability to find new solutions to solve biology problems is what makes us valuable for researchers worldwide. We invest in exceptional people, capable of decoding and unleashing the hidden knowledge in your studies.

We specialize in end to end solutions, from interpreting high-throughput data to designing empirical setups and grant writing. Our analysis accelerates discovery, and help clients to set their directions of research.

Our primary focus is integrative analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data, specialized mining of proteomics data, creation of databases with scalable architectures, and on-demand software development for multi-omic data management.

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